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CEO Message
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Alabama Power
Sustainability Report

Sustainability has been a part of our business from the beginning.”

– Stephanie Cooper




Sustainability. At its very core, it’s about creating something that lasts. Something dependable, reliable and thriving. For Alabama Power, sustainability is powering our state and the people who live here. It starts with prioritizing the needs of our customers and working to meet those needs safely and responsibly. That’s been our approach for more than a century through a series of efforts, each a plus toward our impact on the communities we serve.


While 2020 was a year defined by uncertainty, our team navigated the challenges with strength and resiliency. We adapted our business operations to keep employees safe during the global pandemic, supporting customers who rely on us, helping with the state’s recovery and planning for its future. The racial justice movement added focus to our efforts for lasting, meaningful change in equity and inclusion in our company, state and nation. And, the historic hurricane season reaffirmed our ongoing commitment to providing reliable service to customers.


While corporate responsibility and environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues have received increasing attention by the global community, Alabama Power was built on the pillars of sustainability. The focus on ESG aligns with the foundation of our business – doing our part to meet the needs of our customers, employees and communities. For us, sustainability is collaborative, intentional and incremental – every day, every week, every year. Everything we do to make our company and state better is a plus – toward creating a more prosperous Alabama.



Mark Crosswhite

Chairman, President and CEO

Alexia Borden

Senior Vice President and General Counsel

Stephanie Cooper

Vice President
Corporate Sustainability

Jim Heilbron

Senior Vice President and
Senior Production Officer

Gordon Martin

Senior Vice President
Corporate and Administrative Services

Scott Moore

Senior Vice President
Power Delivery

Jeff Peoples

Executive Vice President
Customer and Employee Services

Phil Raymond

Executive Vice President, Chief Financial
Officer and Treasurer

Quentin Riggins

Senior Vice President
Governmental and Corporate Affairs

Zeke Smith

Executive Vice President
External Affairs

Board of

Angus R. Cooper III

President, Cooper/T. Smith Corporation

Robert D. Powers

President, The Eufaula Agency

Mark A. Crosswhite

Chairman, President and CEO, Alabama Power

Catherine J. Randall Ph.D.

Chairman, Pettus Randall Holdings Inc.

Anthony A. Joseph

Shareholder, Maynard, Cooper & Gale P.C.

R. Mitchell Shackleford III

Senior Vice President, Gulf Coast Truck &
Equipment Company

O.B. Grayson Hall Jr.

Retired Chairman, President and CEO, Regions
Financial Corporation

Selwyn M. Vickers M.D.

Senior Vice President of Medicine and Dean
of University of Alabama at Birmingham
(UAB) School of Medicine

Phillip M. Webb

President, Webb Concrete & Building
Materials Inc.

We are grateful to James K. Lowder who has recently retired from our Board of Directors after more than 20 years of dedicated service.


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