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Energy Portfolio
Reducing Emissions
Energy Portfolio
Reducing Emissions


Deep roots and
long vision


Investing in the future

Alabama Power is developing sustainable, accessible, cost-effective energy solutions that serve our customers in the best way possible. This includes building a diverse generation portfolio, installing environmental controls and advancing energy technology. We are committed to creating the clean, safe, reliable and affordable energy future that our customers trust us to deliver.

Alabama Power is a part of Southern Company’s industry-leading sustainable financing framework, which provides us an option to issue sustainable financial instruments (i.e. Green Bonds, Social Bonds and Sustainability Bonds) and allocate the net proceeds to investments in eligible green and social project categories that align with our sustainability goals.

Southern Company’s
Net Zero Goal

Southern Company has set a goal to reduce system greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to net zero by 2050, with an intermediate goal of a 50% reduction from 2007 levels by 2030. Southern Company believes these goals will be achieved through:

  • Using natural gas to enable transition to lower-emitting generating fleet.
  • Expanding zero-carbon resources, including renewables and nuclear.
  • Enhancing energy efficiency programs.
  • Including negative carbon strategies.

Constructive engagement with policymakers, regulators, investors, stakeholders, customers and communities is necessary in building Alabama’s energy future. Alabama Power has already achieved a 47% GHG emissions reduction from 2007-2020 with the global pandemic contributing to the largest economy-wide reduction in GHG emissions in the United States since World War II. Electric sector emissions over the past year were also influenced by weather and energy use and Alabama Power expects our emissions to continue to fluctuate over the next several years.

The implementation of multi-sector sustainability initiatives will help minimize the rise in GHG emissions across the United States. In the coming years, Alabama Power believes that technology developments – and other initiatives – will support ongoing efforts to reduce carbon in the electric sector.

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